Busy Busy Bee

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Life's been a bit crazy for me the last week or so. I came down with a real kicker of a flu and was pretty much unable to move for about a week. Now I'm trying to get caught up on everything I couldn't do while I was down and out. Yikes! But I think I have a handle on it, and the weekend is tomorrow so that's good and exciting. I do so love weekends.

In the meantime, until I get more things together, here are some things that have been inspiring me and piquing my interest this last week or so, enjoy!

 - I love carousels, photos of carousel and the whole she-bang. But these photos of carousels seen from all sides... WOW!

- I've been really inspired by the photography Alice Gao of lately. But this post on her blog I especially love because of the great behind the scenes photo she links too. It's a great glimpse into how a photo was made. Also, I love her tea strainer from Bellocq.

- Speaking of inspiring photos, I've loved Jennifer Causey's for a while now, but her new portfolio site has me falling in love with them all over!

- When I saw this photo by Hannah Queen on Flickr, I was so intrigued by the idea of Douglas Fir Needle Tea that I had to look it up. It's available for purchase through Juniper Ridge and while I haven't tried it yet, rest assured, I will!

- I love trains and traveling by trains, but I don't do it very often. And I've NEVER traveled on a line that is as old or history filled as the Trans-Siberian Railway. If you want to feel the old magic of rail travel combined with amazing photos taken on Impossible Project film, check out this collection of images over at NPR.

- Another instant photo I'm in love with lately, this beautiful photo of Eve Myles (of Torchwood fame) posted on Portroids.

- And if you love Polaroid Cameras, you're sure to love the cute mini paper one from the Impossible Project that Azuree is giving away on her blog!

That's all for now folks! Have a fantastic weekend!